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Publii News Quickie: Updated version of the Plausible plugin available

The Plausable plugin of Publii was lacking support for the self-hosting-option of Plausible. The updated version 1.1.0 is taking care of this issue.

Plausible is also made for self-hosting, but support for it was missing in Publii. Version 1.10 of the Plausible plugin takes now care of it. The new version introduces another field in the configuration, for entering the URL for self-hosting:

That makes for smooth support of self-hosting and makes Plausible a privacy-friendly analytics addition to Publii.

How to install a plugin in Publii

Click on the 3-dot-menu in the upper right corner of Publii's main screen and then on Themes:

The button Get more plugins brings you straight to the plugin section of the Publii Marketplace. Then, after downloading the plugin's zip file at the plugins page of the Publii marketplace, click on the Install plugin button and choose the downloaded zip file.

You're done. Access your freshly installed plugin via the sidebar's Tools & Plugins entry.
Clicking on a plugin opens the plugin's configuration screen.