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We value the privacy of our communication. And when we say 'our' we mean yours as well. In order to secure our common communication, we will answer encrypted emails with priority. However, unencrypted emails will be handled with the least priority, so don't expect an answer via unencrypted channels any time soon 😉

📧 Email:
   Tutanota account required for sending encrypted emails.
   GPG Key ID: 0xAEF35323F541EB66
   Fingerprint: A6CA 28BA AB06 5451 B010 7C8E AEF3 5323 F541 EB66
   Public Key: s3nnet

Instructions: Download the key file and import it with your GPG-enabled mail client. Or just sign up for Tutanota. It's free.

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✉️ Mail:
s3n·net - Heinrich-Späth-Str. 55 - 40789 Monheim - Germany