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Publii Tips: Noscript Community Plugin

The Publii community is growing. With the user Jomocu there is now also a hardworking developer of unofficial community plugins. Today we want to introduce the Simple Noscript plugin.

Users of the Noscript browser addon will know the situation: "Why can't I get rid of the feeling that something is missing here? Oh yeah, scripts blocked."
To avoid this, many websites check whether scripts are enabled and if not, display a notice to that effect. With the unofficial community plugin Simple Noscript this function is also available for users of Publii.

Community plugins live in the forum

To emphasize it again: Community plugins are unofficial and therefore not checked by the developers. However, they essentially consist of Javascript and can therefore be easily checked by yourself. We have done this in the case of Simple Noscript and have also included the plugin on our site. Instead of the Publii Maketplace, community plugins can be found on this page of the Publii Forum.

Simple Noscript illustrated

As mentioned at the beginning, the function of the plugin is to notify the visitor that Javascript is disabled, for which it hides the (incomplete) page and displays a configurable message.

By the way, this is also the reason for the necessity of our essential cookies: The Javascript for the responsive display of the images is bound to it and without Javascript many images of the website are missing, as you can see above.

Conclusion and availability

Simple Noscript is a simple but useful community plugin.
It is available here on our site or on the plugin's forum page.