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About: Publii and its Status Quo

Publii has been used and deployed by from the 0.38 series on.
However, it is only now with the 0.40 series released that we can recommend Publii also to privacy-minded and perfection-prone users for 110 percent.
In other words: Publii has really grown up and it aged quite well.

When started on the basis of Publii`s astonishing Technews theme, it would need some workarounds: take this article for an example, which had to be prefaced with a disclaimer warning of the embedded Youtube video (thanks to GPRD / DSGVO / TTDSG). By that time binding video embeds to consent banner decisions was not a thing, also aquiring consent to let`s say analytics was not easily possible either.
Furthermore, one had to be careful of what kind of image to use in what place since webp images were not supported in every place, nor on every platform.
Now that the 0.40 series has been released, it`s a completely different picture: Aquiring consent to analytics by cookie banners could already be done with version 0.39. Also, webp images got supported as Featured Images and as slideshow images, accommodating for the ever growing usage of webp across the web. We feel like the last missing major piece got added with Publii 0.40 and the control of video embeds via cookie banners: and maybe the devs do so as well, at least the announcement for it has been titled "Huge Privacy-Focused Update".

Publii is ready for Prime Time

By then Publii was an insider tip of sorts - with a huge potential of course. But now that it introduced the plugin functionality with strictly binding problematic functions to the consent banner decisions - especially privacy-invading video embeds -  after introducing UI translations as well as static fonts for the entire app and static search to all themes, Publii appears quite mature and ready for Prime Time. 

Community to the rescue

Yes, there are little quirks here and there as Publii is an early project, but then again there is a vibrant community over at that will soon take notice of them, and very responsive devs even giving free support there. Also, despite being a brand new feature, Publii has already been translated to many languages with German - courtesy of s3nnet - already being on its way. So, by and large it seems that Publii has quite a shiny future.

Bottom line

In case you are in for a static, lightning-fast, privacy-respecting and GPRD-compatible desktop CMS, get the latest Publii release while it`s hot.
You won`t regret it, at least we don`t.
And while you are at it, why don`t you consider buying a premium theme or plugin over at the Publii marketplace.
And finally, in case you value Publii as much as we do, you can hand over your kind donation over here: